Teeball Pants

Wearing quality teeball pants can make a big difference in your game and attitude toward the game you love.

It is important that players must wear teeball pants that fit and protect during play to avoid chafing and injury.

At Mecca Sports, we make absolutely sure our teeball pants are tailored to the specific needs of both adult players and young athletes, providing optimum comfort so you can focus exclusively on the game.

Our range of top-quality teeball pants have the following benefits and features:

High Impact Resistance

Teeball pants must be durable enough to endure repeated wear and tear, especially around the knees.

The knee cushioning in our teeball pants offers additional protection while still allowing for the flexibility required for running, jumping, and sliding on the field.


As players sweat during games, breathable sportswear is vital.

Our custom teeball pants are lightweight and airy. They are crafted from moisture-wicking fabric to keep players comfortable and dry during games and hot weather. 


Our size guides allow you to find the perfect fit for you or your team. 

As for children, as they are still growing, finding baseball pants that fit correctly can be tricky.

Designed to grow with your child, our teeball pants are versatile enough to last for many seasons of play. The waistband fits snugly around the natural waistline. It won't chafe or pinch even when your child bends over or squats on a swing. Additionally, they come with an elastic drawstring, allowing you to adjust the fit as your child grows. 

Water Resistance

Teeball pants should be made of water-resistant fabric, especially if drainage is an issue on your field. Our teeball pants are made of high-quality recycled polyester, designed to withstand water and dirt and keep you dry.

Seamless Construction 

It goes without saying that teeball uniforms need to have strong stitching throughout to withstand game season. Reinforced hems sewn flawlessly into our teeball pants keep them sturdy throughout multiple seasons of play.


As teeball games can be physically demanding, our teeball pants are designed to be durable to withstand the rigors of thel field.

At Mecca Sports we only use high quality materials, and equip our teeball pants with all the right features to provide you with the best teeball pants on the market. Best of all, we made it easier for you to buy teeball pants online for your team.

Customised Options

Here at Mecca Sports, our customisation service allows you to print or embroider your team’s logo and colours on your selected sports uniforms. To enquire about customisation of any of our teeball pants, contact a member of our friendly team today.