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The Importance Of Vector File Format For Your Logo

Date Posted: 23 March 2022 

When designing a logo for garment printing, it is really important for it to be high quality - so you get a clear, crisp image when it is transferred onto the fabric.

Having a clear high-resolution logo is crucial for getting that high-quality professional finish you are looking for when it comes to your sports uniforms.

Achieving this has a lot to do with the file format of your logo. Vector file format is always optimal when it comes to formatting your logo. Let's delve into the different types of image file formats and the differences between each.

JPEG, PNG, and Bitmap (BMP) files

You may have heard of JPEG and PNG files, as these are common file formats for images. They are collectively known as 'raster images'.

JPEG, PNG, and Bitmap files are all made up of pixels — think of them as tiny squares that when placed in close proximity to one another make up a larger image. The higher the number of pixels, the higher the resolution of the image.

If you have tried to zoom in or resize a JPEG, PNG, or BMP file, you may notice that the image distorts and becomes low quality — known as 'pixelation'.

For this reason, these file formats are not ideal for logos, as the quality can decrease greatly when the file is manipulated in any way.

vector fle format use

Vector file format

Instead of pixels, vector images are made up of — you guessed it, vectors. Unlike pixels, vectors are not fixed. Vector graphics are created on a computer using a series of mathematical formulas which place colours, lines, and shapes at specific points to be connected to one another — making up the image.

Vectors allow you to scale, crop, zoom, and manipulate the image without a decrease in image quality. This means that the image will not be subject to a loss in clarity, appearance or quality. The benefit of choosing a vector file format for your logo is that you are then able to use it on both large banners and small business cards, and every size in between, without impacting the resolution quality.

What is the best use for JPEG, PNG, and BMP graphics?

These formats which use pixels are good for realistic images such as photographs. Pixels allow for a more realistic colour rendering, as they allow for better gradient colour shifts.

What is the best use for vector graphics?

The scalability is not the only reason why vector file format is best for logos. Vectors work much better with solid colours, much like the ones you would often use to design a logo. You get a vibrant and sharp image when you create a vector graphic.

Best use of file extension

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a special program to create vector graphics?

Yes. To create a vector graphic, you need a program such as Adobe Illustrator, Sketch Corel Draw, or any other professional-grade graphic design software. These are tools used by graphic designers. So if you don't have access to one of these programs, it is worth engaging a professional graphic designer. Mecca Sports has an in-house graphic designer which can create a logo from scratch for you, or convert an existing logo into a vector file format.

What are the file formats called for vector graphics?

True vector files are saved in the following formats:

  • .AI (Adobe Illustrator file)
  • .CDR (Corel Draw image file)
  • .EPS (Encapsulated PostScript file)
  • .SVG (Scalable Vector file)

Most typically when it comes to logos, AI or EPS files are preferable.

true vector file


What are vector graphics commonly used for?

Scalable designs - logos

Typically company or brand logos need to be scalable as they are used on anything from products, billboards and merchandise. Therefore they need to be displayed at different sizes, without a change in the quality.

What are the advantages of vector images?

  • Scalability - Perhaps the biggest advantage. The image will appear high resolution and exact no matter what the size.
  • Ease of editing - In graphic design, it is easy to swap out colours and change line shapes when working in a vector file format.
  • Small file size - In comparison to a raster image, where a computer needs to store information about every single pixel, in the case of vector images, only information about the series of points in the image is stored. This results in a much smaller file size, which is easier to transfer, send, load and edit.
  • Easy to duplicate - If you need multiple copies of your vector image, it is simple to copy quickly and easily without impacting the quality.

What are the disadvantages of vector images?

  • Less detailed - Vector files are more limited when it comes to creating complex and detailed graphics and deal better with simple lines and colours. For example, real-life photographs require depth and shading from gradient colours, which is better achieved through a file format that uses pixels.
  • You need the know-how - Creating a vector graphic from scratch takes specific knowledge and expertise. This is why it is best to work with a graphic designer when it comes to professional logos and designs, as they will be able to produce a graphic that encapsulates your visions and is produced in the right format.

Can I convert an existing raster image to a vector file format?

Absolutely — however as mentioned, you will need the skills and specific professional-grade graphic design software to do so.

Can I use a PDF file format for my logo instead of a vector file format?


If you convert a JPEG, PNG or BMP image file to a PDF without the correct software and knowledge, it will still be a raster image with pixels. Pixels will affect the scalability of your logo, so if you are wanting a really large-scale logo — the vector file format is always preferable.


Create your ideal logo with Mecca Sports

Here at Mecca Sports, we are committed to bringing your logo design to life. Whether you have an existing logo or need help designing one from scratch from our fantastic in-house graphic designer — Mecca Sports should be your first choice for all your logo printing needs. Alongside our custom teamwear, we also print on a variety of promotional merchandise including custom socks, custom drink bottles, marquees and banners, and more.

If you have any additional questions in regards to logo file formats or want to know more about our services, get in touch with us today and one of our friendly team members will be here to help you. 


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