Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do all Mecca garments follow the same sizing standard?

No, we have a huge range of patterns and products. The only safe way to ensure you are happy with sizing of each individual garment is to refer to our garment spec sheets or to purchase sizing kits. All of our patterns have been developed as per our customers specifications and standards. This means there may be inconsistencies between similar garments as we have inherited garments with their own unique sizing requirements. For example, some rugby jerseys are extremely tight fitting, suitable for elite rugby players and some others are a standard or regular fit suitable for less athletic amateur type players. A size large in the elite fit may be much smaller than a size large in the standard or regular fit.


Q) How many logos can I add to my design?

You can add as many logos as you require. Please supply logos as vector graphics when possible. Your artwork may require extra time to complete if a large number of logos are required.


Q) How many colours can I have in my design?

You can have as many colours as you require. There is no limit.


Q) Can I add individual names and/or numbers to my garment?

Yes, we can send you the names and numbers sheet. Please double check all spelling, numbering and sizing as we will print exactly what is contained in the names and numbers file. Please take note – certain fonts contain all uppercase or lowercase text and some non text characters may not appear as expected. Some fonts and numbers may need to be scaled to fit smaller sized patterns. 


Q) What are your delivery turn-a-round times for your sublimated products?

Delivery from placement of order will typically happen within 4 weeks depending on seasonal demand. Production space can be booked in advance for time sensitive orders. Please discuss any urgent requirements as soon as the artwork process begins so that we can book production space as early as possible for your order. Take note – Order placement is only finalised when artwork is signed off.