Drink Bottles

Our Premium bottles are made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE). It is a thermoplastic. LDPE is defined by a density range of 0.910 – 0.940 g/cm.

Made in translucent or opaque variations, it’s quite flexible, and tough to the point of being almost unbreakable.

Premium sports bottles come with a 45mm or 53mm opening, depending on your choice of bottle.

A key feature of our Premium bottles is the Clearview® Strip. This feature comes with our full colour range of premium quality drink bottles and allows you to see the bottle’s contents, making measuring additives a breeze.

Bottles of Australia™ was one of the first Australian-made drink bottle manufacturers to incorporate this technology for the sports bottle market.


  1. BPA Free
  2. Soft Squeeze
  3. Clear View
  4. Dishwasher/ Freezer Friendly

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500ml Triton filtered water bottle

321 Water makes tap water stylish, portable and taste even better. 321 Water is created with the unique filter tree plunger, in response to the growing demand for a stylish, environmentally friendly, and reusable water bottle. 321 Water is the perfect gift or personal accessory for socially conscious people and organisations everywhere.

321 Water

Triton Body

BPA free co polyester (Tritan Eastman). 321 Water is made to be durable and easy to clean. 

Carbon Filtration

Absorbs impurities from potable tap water such as odours, tastes, organic compounds and residual chlorine. 

Custom Printing

Can be done with up to eight colours, bringing your logo to life. 

Australian Made

Designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest standards.