Our Marquee Range

3M x 3M Marquee Range


Our most popular marquee!

Our 3m x 3m range is the best value money can buy!  It is perfect for sporting clubs, market stalls, promotional activites, schools and sporting events.  It provides an economical solution that fits standard space allocations at markets and trade shows and is practical when you have a restricted amount of space.  This marquee is available in 5 different frame types including MF30, MFC30 Compact, MF42, MFC42 Compact and our super tough MF52.  Our compact frames fold down to only 1m tall and fit in most car boots - sideways!

3M x 4.5M Marquee Range


The largest 4 leg marquee that we stock.  Our 3m x 4.5m is ideal for trade fairs, leisure events and sporting teams as it provides a sturdy frame providing a large space for more people.  It comes in MF42 and MF52 frame sizes.



3M x 6M Marquee Range


At double the size of our 3m x 3m marquee, our 3m x 6m is the same size as a single carport/ garage.  The additional room is ideal for when you need as much room as possible.  Businesses and sporting/ racing teams have found this range to be the most practical for dealing with crowds of people.

Note: Beware of flimsy frames from other suppliers.  Insist on MF42 or MF52 hexagonal legs as a minimum for this size.

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